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Služba s přidanou hodnotou

Planning your factory Setting

Once our customers purchase the production line from us, you will design the whole setting of your factory based on the blueprinting.



Training your engineer in our center

Our customers could send their engineers to our center in order to teach them how to operate, maintain and fix our production line.



Visiting our customer regularly

We offer life-time service to our production line. Our sales manager and engineers check and maintain Jwell machines regularly in the customers factory.



In modern society, after-sales service is undoubtedly an extremely KEY link in the development of an enterprise. No matter how good the equipment is, some parts depletion will inevitably occur during normal operation.

With the continuous improvement of equipment technology, machine suppliers are required to provide more technical support, which is an aspect of after-sales service. At present, competition in domestic and foreign markets is intense. Therefore, companies need to use after-sales service as a competitive weapon and use the charm and everything of the product for the sake of customers.

Excellent after-sales service can also provide enterprises with decision-making data, keenly identify problems, and make timely adjustments and updates. At the same time, excellent after-sales service is also an effective means to establish a corporate brand and Brand Image Communication and is one of the core competitiveness of a company.
At present, more and more large international companies are willing to cooperate with JWELL Machinery. JWELL has also established offices in Turkey, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia. SET factories in Thailand, and plans to establish in India. The factory established a research and development center in Germany, the annual export ratio of foreign trade is more than 55%.

In response to the many challenges faced by the current machinery and equipment industry in after-sales services, JWELL Machinery has also established a global extrusion engineer certification system to build a good communication and cooperation way for outstanding extrusion engineers and customers all over the world.